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Vaastu & astrological aspects of share/commodity trading terminal

Share/commodity Trading Terminal, has certain technical, electrical, locational, Vaastu and astrological aspects attached to it. Location of a share-trading terminal is very important and places a definite role for those who operate it or trade upon it.

Trading terminal in itself is no lesser than a Planet and it has a mesmerizing power, which takes everybody in its control within no time. An electrical Aura created by the trading terminal surrounding its environment always has a power to effect the decisions of an investor sitting before it and staring on it. The concentration of an investor on the trading terminal screen makes his mind blank and he starts acting on the power of rays thrown by the terminal on him.

Location of a trading terminal in an office or a place of work is very important and place a vital role for getting profits or incurring losses. The rules of Vaastu also need to be followed while installing a trading terminal at a particular place.

Its direction and location both are very important to earn profits by way of brokerage and trading profits. It is almost essential for you to know that which will be the best location for installing a trading terminal as a Broker/Sub Broker/Investor in your office/residence.

 A small one-time expenditure may save you from heavy losses and other operational disturbances. A Share Trading Terminal installed in wrong direction or at an astrologically unfit place is the main cause of losses, incurred from the share markets by the investors/traders.

If you really wish to earn out of a Share Trading Terminal, send the location plan of your office where terminal is presently installed or proposed to be installed along with one time fee of Rs. 1100 for best advise. Also mention your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth for a better configuration with your trading terminal.

Charges may be paid  in to our HDFC Bank saving account No. 18431000000097 in the name of "RAKESH SINGHARIYA"

After deposit of these charges in this account, please send an e-mail immediately with full particulars of your name, name of the branch of Bank, cash/cheque no., your e-mail ID and mobile no. to


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