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Astrological obstacles

How they affect you?



Everyone in this world is not destined to earn speculative profits

Had it been so easy to earn from share/commodity trading, there could be millionaires on every nook and corner of this world?

But obstacles can be removed also with study of horoscope and with following accurate remedy.


Signs of Astrological obstacles in share/commodity trading;----

1. your efforts to earn out of speculation fails despite good advice and analysis

2. You earn in many trades but loose it in few trades?

3. You advise others and they earn but you fails in the same stock/commodity

4.  You wait for profit but suddenly exit in loss and your trade goes up in profit after exit

5.  You feel panic after entering into a trade and try to exit in small profit or in loss

These are some of the examples of Obstacles of Destiny which are seen happening with many of the traders and investors of share and commodity markets everyday.


What is the solution to this problem?

Solutions are there to overcome this situation up to a great extent by following accurate remedies

1. First of all, it need to be ascertained as to which is the planet creating this obstacle in earning of profits or giving losses

2. Then secondly, it need to be ascertained as to what can be accurate and fast remedy to remove this hurdle if earning and to avoid losses.

3. Then follow the remedy religiously

Some of the remedies are:---------

Installing Crystal glass fruit bunch specially designed and worshipped for this purpose

Installing a crystal glass pyramid with watch inbuilt with full religious procedure and faith

Installing a Golden horse in a particular place and on a particular day

Installing a Large fish of glass specially designed and feeding it with pearls with a defined procedure

Installing a Golden Boat in a particular place

Installing a running camel made of brass in a particular direction

Many more remedies are there which are suggested on the basis of horoscope study for a person.






















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