Small Remedies to make

Big changes In    Life

1. Keep a large energized and purified

Mahalaxmi Mahayantra Chowki

in your Pooja place of office / home and see the growth in career/ business and Finances

2. Keep an energized  Black Kaudi in house/office or Factory for wealth and well being

3. Keep an energized & purified ( under able guidance of our experts)

 Panchmukhi Rudraksh Mala

at home and wear it at the time of Pooja everyday and see the magic it does for you.

4.  Place an energized

 Sampoorna Vastu Yantra

at a place where you feel Vastu Dosh is there and you are not able to identify it and be sure that this yantra will remove Vastu Dosh in full.

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Crucial time seen!


Planetry transit and position of some of the planets is suggesting some major problem from 13th Nov. to 27th Nov. 2014.


something major may happen causing turmoil and risk seen for top personalities. Agencies must keep caution and precaution both during this crucial period? position of planets is suggesting that natural and man made calamities may hit and may cause damage.





















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Astrology & Share Markets:

It is very necessary for you to know whether you can earn or not from Share Markets?

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Share Trading Terminal

has certain technical, electrical, locational, Vastu and astrological aspects attached to it. Its vastu need importance for good results





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 Mahayantra Chowki

Install with sampoorna Vidhi to be suggested by us and see the magic!

No shortage of money

No wasteful expense

No Financial loss

No Financial tension



 Mahayantra Chowki

Install it in a given time and procedure to avoid:---

1. All kind of legal disputes

2. Settlement of Property disputes

3. Settlement of Family disputes

4. Disputes with Govt. Departments

5. Taxation disputes solutions

6. Disputes with business rivals

Enjoy peaceful life!


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Astrological obstacles

Signs of Astrological obstacles in share/commodity trading;----

1. your efforts to earn out of speculation fails despite good advice and analysis

2. You earn in many trades but loose it in few trades?

3. You advise others and they earn but you fails in the same stock/commodity

4.  You wait for profit but suddenly exit in loss and your trade goes up in profit after exit

5.  You feel panic after entering into a trade and try to exit in small profit or

2. This is a simple remedy which gives relief to those who wish to increase their  business.  This remedy is also suitable for those who have incurred business loans, those facing losses and on the verge of collapse and those whose business has become stagnant.

Now the remedy Bring a caged Parrot ; make sure that it wings have not been damaged or cut and it is fit enough to fly. Then bring it home and give it something to eat; like tomatoes or cucumber and some water.

Then release this Parrot from its cage; the higher it flies the more will be the success you get. And yes; you can practice this remedy again and again.

Remedy to win court cases

This is an ancient Indian remedy which is used for success in winning court cases and litigation. The remedy makes the use of a simple mantra. The remedy is quite simple to practice and does not require much effort or time.

Before the due date when you have to appear in court for the arguments, evidence or any other court proceedings all you have to do is to think of the opposing party; bring his image in your mind and repeat and dedicate the simple mantras given below 108 times to the opposite party.


Hum Fatt


हुं फट्

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Headlines ------ 21st Nov 2014

MARKET MOVEMENT               

Level of 28000 need to be watched, no strength below this!---- Profit booking is going on although selectively and may continue as such. This may continue even if index remain above 28000 as some of the large cap stocks will provide support to index in that case and the process will go on.

Markets may open flat for today and may remain in a range although above 28000 no risk is seen for the day. Break of 28000 on opening may take it to 27800 and below also.

Trading plan for today-Following action plan may be followed by day traders for today-------

Select PVT BANKING stocks may remain good for day trades in view of high volatility for today

Trade Nifty with stop loss of 8420 for the target of 8480 and above. Sell below 8420 for the target of 8365 and below

TEXTILE stocks may provide better opportunity for day traders on both side

Avoid AUTO stocks for today


KARUR VYSYA BANK is ruling around the level of 528 and look to be good for the target of 550  in any case in due course


Astrological Certainties

Destiny is supreme---------- No one is above God, no one can write his/her own destiny, we believe it normally in bad times and forget in good times.

Share traders belief----------- if we earn, it is by virtue of our own skill and if we loose, it is the act of god or the destiny?

Certainty of this world----------- You can not earn a single penny from share/commodity markets in any shape if you are not destined to do so or if you do not try to remove the obstacles of destiny?

Effect of Remedies----------- You can not change your destiny but can save yourself from the negatives of destiny and can reduce the intensity of negatives too.

Benefits of knowing about your destiny----------- You can surely plan about your actions and trades for profit by following the accurate remedies?

Other benefits----------- You can ask for any and many questions about your personal life also like business, children, marriage, marital disputes, health, property and others ?

How to know your destiny and prevent losses from share/commodity markets?----------- Contact Rakesh Singhariya  on  098281 35075

THERMAX-  Good  for 1070

THERMAX is ruling around the level of 1044 and may rise to the level of  1070 in any case in due course

G E SHIP---Buy  for 425

GRUH FIN is ruling around the level of 411 and may rise to the level of  425 in any case


Contact for accurate calls for trading ----

98281 35075



Rare Remedies

To Earn Profits & Avoid Losses

Rotating Diamond in a Seep

This is an excellent device set on a rotating machine operated electrically/on battery on which a seep having a diamond shaped crystal on it is kept below/in front of the trading screen and it cast its reflection in multi colors on the trading screen giving a magic effect of stopping losses from trading and creating a positive atmosphere for regular profits. For detail contact---09983884060

Wish Cow milking calf

This wish cow made of Marvel dust in a pure while bright color is seen milking its calf and need to be kept on the exit door of house in such a position that it is visible for the person going out of the house. It is believed from ages that if you see a cow milking its calf while going for an important work or for your business, you will get only positive results and hurdles in earnings will be over. For details contact--09983884060

Bazaar Gossip

21st Nov -2014

MIND TREE may go  Above the level of 1260 also in short term.

POLARIS may go Above the level of 221  also in short term.

TRENT may go Above the level of 1580 also in short term.

HCL TECH may go  Above the level of 1670 also in short term.  

Trading for Today

 Factors of Destiny




How they affect your trade




on Share markets


  Active futures of Today

TCS Long
HINDALCO          Long

 Index Levels today


Weak Below - 28000

Strong Over -  28100

Prospects Volatile


Weak Below - 8390

Strong Over -  8420




Nifty F/O

Weak Below - 8420

Strong Over - 8440




Weak Below -  17750

Strong Over -   17800



STOCK for the Day- Buy



SILVER (Dec)---

What may be the trend

Last Close----           35819

Resistance----           36200

Weak below----         35700

Lower target----         35200

Upper target----          36400

Trend----         Volatile

CRUDE (Nov)---

What may be the trend

Last Close----           4611

Resistance----          4620

Weak below----         4600

Lower target----         4560

Upper target----          4660

Trend----         Volatile

GOLD (Dec)---

What may be the trend

Last Close----          26463

Resistance----          26480

Weak below----         26400

Lower target----         26200

Upper target----          26600

Trend----         Volatile

COPPER (Nov)---

What may be the trend

Last Close----          412.55

Resistance----           413

Weak below----         412

Lower target----         410

Upper target----          416

Trend----          Volatile

LEAD (Nov)---

What may be the trend

Last Close----         125.95

Resistance----          126.50

Weak below----         126

Lower target----         124

Upper target----         127

Trend----         Volatile


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